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    You will find wedding caterers in London Region that will not only create a menu that will wow the taste buds of your guests, but also provide service that will help create a beautiful atmosphere and keep your party on track. From the appetizers to the desserts, choose from one of London Region's finest wedding catering companies!



Chef Les Cooks

884 Adelaide Street N., London, Ontario N5Y 2M3
(519) 858-1759

Culinary Catering Services

279 Springbank Drive, London, Ontario N6J 1G3
(519) 641-4725

Custom Cuisine Catering

1260 Gainsborough Road, London, Ontario N6H 5K8
(519) 963-1426

Great Hall Catering

Western University Room 3335D, Somerville House, London, Ontario N6G 4W4
(519) 661-3048

One Grosvenor Restaurant

1 Grosvenor St.,,
(519) 434-5149

Steel Grill Catering

1674 Dundas Street East, London, Ontario N5W 3C7
(519) 453-8222

Sticky Pudding Catering Company

4026 Meadowbrook Drive,, London, Ontario N6L 1C6
(519) 652-0020

The Chef's Hat Catering CO.

101 Consortium Court,
(519) 519-673-