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    Enjoy the selection of unique and personalized wedding flowers and arrangements when planning your London Region wedding. You will be thrilled with your wedding bouquets, floral arrangements or centerpieces. Our London Region wedding florists and designers will consider every approach in producing the wedding flowers of your dreams.



Argyle Flowers

1980 Dundas St., E., London, Ontario N5V 1P5
(519) 455-7120

Burke Flowers

1225 Wonderland Rd., Unit 37, London, Ontario N6G 2V9
(519) 672-8190

Dundas Flowers

459 Dundas St, London, Ontario N6B 1W1
(519) 439-8555

Forest Of Flowers

1295 Highbury Avenue, London, Ontario N5Y 1B6
(519) 457-4292

Forget Me Not Flowers and More

130 King Street, London, Ontario N6A 1C5
(519) 850-3300

Gammage Flowers

747 Waterloo St, London, Ontario N6A3W2
(519) 438-4114

Harris Flower Farm

42488 Ron McNeil Line,
(519) 668-9537

Jim Anderson Flowers

451 Dundas St, London, Ontario N6B 1W1
(519) 434-3266

Mc Lennan Flowers

2445 Main St., London, Ontario n6p 1r1
(519) 652-2042

Murree Flowers

1274 Commissioners Rd. W., London, Ontario N6K 1E1
(519) 471-3900

Posno Flower Service One

One Cathcart Street, London, Ontario N6C 3L5
(519) 434-2132

Regency Florists

1080 Adelaide St. N., London, Ontario N5Y 2N1
(519) 432-1713