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    Your wedding in London Region will be beautiful! Of course you are looking for an outstanding photographer to capture those moments. We have a list of superior photographers serving London Region and surrounding areas. Our wedding photographers specialize in engagement portraits, weddings, and any special occasion. Contact one of our photographers for your London Region wedding photography.



Blue Iris Photography

Emery st. east,
(519) 432-4524

Brian Shimla Photography

15 Crabtree Avenue,
(519) 471-1806

Columbia Photos

1 Mountsfield Drive, London, Ontario N6C 2S3
(519) 672-8029

Darren Hatt Photography

126 Belmont Drive,
(519) 204-5946

Dream Catcher Photography

118 Acorn Cres, London, Ontario N6G 5L7
(519) 900-7359

Dylan & Sandra Photography

697 Sevilla Park Place, London, Ontario N5Y 4H9
(226) 977-5755

Fifty Fifty Photography

Gord Evans Photography

596 Creston Avenue, London, Ontario N6C 3A6
(519) 680-1177

Helen Traczynski Photography

1200 York Street,
(519) 659-5081

Jasmina Photography

1126 Hanson Crescent, London, Ontario N6G 0B8
(519) 719-1986

Jay Terry Photography

(519) 619-3237

Last Forty Percent Photography

(519) 433-1080

Salt And Pepper Studios

(519) 697-4837

Spectrum Studios

1063 Riverside Drive, London, Ontario N6H 2T4
(519) 657-9658